Major artist in the Senegalese music scene, Nix’s art is defined by his many trips across the globe and a natural thirst for knowledge…


He started his career as a solo artist at 19 years old. In five years he had the opportunity to work with several labels such as Ha2n Records and DD Records…


DJ Dollar has been one of the biggest DJs in Africa from the beginning of his career in 2000 to his signing with African Victory in early 2016...


Afterwards, the young prodigy with a golden voice immediately flew to Johannesburg for the first edition of The Voice Africa Francophone…

African Victory is a record label based in Dakar specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B, Electro and Afrobeats. The label was founded by young Afro-Caribbean and African artists and entrepreneurs whose ambition is to make quality music that meets the international standards and, most importantly, to be part of the growth of the African music industry. A production 100 % made in Senegal !



African Victory has a full sound production structure and a professional team. Our label aims to be the production team that gives the artist's project an artistic direction and ensures their commercial development. We support our artists in every step of their evolution in sound and image.

Not only do we want our artists to push their dream projects forward, but we will help them step into the national and international music scene too.


Encouraging the artist to find their true music identity

Helping them develop their talent (voice coaching, writing sessions, beatmaking…)

Music production (songwriting, recording, mixing, mastering)

Promotion and marketing

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The label's star project "Dream & Love" was created by the songwriter Smaika, and JamC, producer and founder of African Victory.

As the name suggests, this album is a celebration of life, love and dreams, highlighted by electro-lounge pop sounds and the artists’ musical influences.

Bday Girl

Smaïka and JamC worked with Alun Be on the sunshiny debut single of the album Dream & Love.

Check out "Sunshine", the new production straight outta Dakar !

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Founder & Artist Producer

JamC is a young French-Caribbean entrepreneur. He started his career in Paris as an artist and then began working in audiovisual production which allowed him to develop Oxygen Africa, a renowned company that works with african and international clients. Supported by Smaïka, main songwriter of the label, and driven by his genuine passion for music, he decided to create African Victory in 2015.


Artistic Director

Major artist in the Senegalese music scene, Nix’s art is defined by his many trips across the globe and a natural thirst for knowledge. The refinement and elegance of his work gives the label’s artistic direction an essential precision and sensitivity. He is the creative added value to African Victory’s productions. 




17, liberté 6 Nord, Dakar - SENEGAL

+221 33 867 67 29

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