African Victory



African Victory is a young Senegalese record label based in Dakar specializing in Hip-Hop, R&B, Electro and Afrobeats. The label was founded by young Afro-Caribbean and African artists and entrepreneurs whose goal is to make quality music that meets the international standards and, most importantly, to be part of the growth of the African music industry

AV Team


Artist, Songwriter & Sound Engineer

Artiste, compositeur et ingénieur du son, il est considéré comme l'un des meilleurs techniciens sonore de sa génération dans le secteur musical en Afrique. ‎Son expérience se mesure aux nombreuses collaborations et productions exécutives réalisées pour des artistes confirmés de la scène musicale africaine. Il est la "fine oreille" de l'équipe capable de sublimer les créations du label et d'assurer la production de masters de grandes qualités.


Founder & Producer


Artistic Director


Artist & Songwriter


Public Relations

Alun Be

Soundwriter - Designer




The current project of the label « Dream & Love » was created by Smaika, main songwriter, and JamC, producer and founder of African Victory. As its name suggests, this album will be a celebration of life, love and dreams, highlighted by electro-lounge pop sounds and the artists’ musical influences.






"Dream & Love"

Smaika, the songwriter and JamC, the producer and founder of African Victory, worked with Alun Be on the sunshiny debut single of the album Dream & Love. Check out the new production straight outta Dakar !

Dream And Love is an album project initiated by Smaïka one of the leading composers of African Victory label and CMAJ producer and founder of the label. As the project name suggests, this album is an ode to life, love and dream in electro-lounge pop rhythms but with different influences, depending collaborations ...



Kirène avec Orange supports and sponsors the single « Sunshine », proving their desire to nurture and promote the Senegalese music industry.


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